About Us

Students Of Tiruchirappalli Regional Engineering College

MCA has always been known for its interaction between the freshers and experience holders in the industry. Graduates from all parts of the country come here to experience an unbelievable environment which not only gives an opportunity to grow in the technical field but also socially as a good leader. The aspects of an individual development- communication skills, team work, correct approach and channelized working are developed through sheer interaction among the batches. These healthy activities also support in industry where professional advices from alumni have always proved helpful. SOFTREC is the abbreviation of Students OF Trichy Regional Engineering College. SOFTREC is a committee which acts as a bridge between the current batches and the alumni batches. SOFTREC also help the alumni with their administrative works within the campus, apart from conducting SPIELMAC (a sporting encounter between the batches) and AGM Trip(an outstation trip to some beautiful destination). It is an association which maintains a world-wide interaction between the previous batches and the present batches. Softrec organises guest lectures by the alumni to impart the knowledge of the latest IT trends in the industry to the students. It also organises regular meetings of the alumni with the present batch.Softrec doesn’t only meet for studies, it also organises various trips and sports activities during the year. The main sports event organised by Softrec is SPIELMAC. Softrec also runs a trust by the name of RECTMACT to help needy students financially for their studies.